Book Reviews

Stormin’  Norman, the Soggy Doggy, is a wonderful rhyming book that tells the story of a boy and his best friend.  This book has an easy to read story line for any age.  It sends a good message to kids, bust most importantly reminds children that stories are for everyone to enjoy because they can take you on any kind of adventure!  With awesome illustrations, this is a great picture book to pick up and read!

--Darcey Reynolds, Kindergarten Teacher, Newton, IA


The “Soggy Doggy” is a heartwarming story of a boy, his dog Norm, and the friendship they share.  Children will enjoy continual rhyming verses and eye-catching illustrations as they follow Andy and Norm on their adventure.  The story lends many opportunities for children to use their imagination and extends learning through storyline discussion.  The author introduces the reader to expanded vocabulary through rich text while still keeping the story age appropriate.  The story ends with an emphasis on the joy of reading and encourages all to pick up a good book. I look forward to future adventures with Norm.

--Barbra Ervin, Community Education Manager, Deer Valley Unified School District, Phoenix AZ


Andy Allen has written a touching story about a boy and his dog. Set against the backdrop of the 2008 flood in Iowa, “Soggy Dog” is a sweet tale of devotion and friendship.

-- Helen Slater, Actress and Parent


This is a terrific book to read with your child. With just the right mix of fun and excitement, you’ll look forward to many more adventures with Andy and Norm!

–- Robert Watzke, Director/Editor/Teacher/Parent